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  • WDI Diabetes Research Registry

    All patients referred to the WDI for diabetes care are asked for their permission to allow us to place their past, present, and future health record information into our Diabetes Research Registry. A research registry is a collection of information about patients who have a particular disease or condition, or who receive a particular treatment, that is kept for future research studies. Much health care advancement has resulted from research involving the collection and analysis of the health record information of patients with a certain disease or condition. By doing so, disease and public health researchers will be able to increase and deepen knowledge about diabetes and its related conditions and how it effects different populations in a “real world” setting. Studying diabetes care in a real world setting helps providers at WDI continue to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients. Registry data could also allow other research institutions outside Western Diabetes Institute/Western University of Health Sciences to study diabetes-related care issues. Despite access to the registry, patient identity and personal information will never be released to any investigators or outside institutions. Before agreeing to be in the registry and signing an informed consent (en Espanol), patients will be provided with information and ample opportunity to ask questions that would lead to their full understanding. The WDI Diabetes Research Registry is approved by the Institutional Review Board of Western University of Health Sciences (Protocol #13/IRB/017).