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  • Center for Fitness and Function

  • Activity and exercise are essential for improving health and wellness in people with diabetes.  At the Center for Fitness and Function, you can overcome the barriers to making activity and exercise a part of your lifestyle.  Whether you are an athlete with diabetes looking to manage your blood sugar during sports or someone who is just beginning to think about starting regular walks or you are having difficulty getting around your house, we are here to help.

    Together as part of the cross-disciplinary team, we will develop a personalized plan to achieve safe and sustainable lifestyle modifications that get you moving and keep your diabetes under control.

    Dr. Nguyen’s philosophy towards diabetes management with physical activity emphasizes on having FUN. As part of the FUN philosophy, Dr. Nguyen utilizes the latest technology and implements an open gym where patients workout together creating a support group with each other. Dr. Nguyen has also developed a goal system, where patients are able to identify realistic goals for improving their health. They use the support group established at the gym to work towards these goals and hold each other accountable. As part of the FUN philosophy Dr. Nguyen implements in his gym, he will be utilizing video games to engage the patients in balance training and cardio fitness. The FUN philosophy will help the patients learn and identify creative ways to incorporate fitness into their lifestyle. The Center for Fitness and Function gym hours are open to the patient Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8am to 9am.